Tapa as Haiku

Tapa as Haiku

Parallel to the exhibition TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food, AC/E in collaboration with DIMAD has organised this workshops designed to explain this modern, vague Spanish cus-tom of “having a tapa”. There will be two workshops: one focused on design, directed by Luis Úrculo,  the other on gastronomy,  directed by Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, running alongside but separately to then join together in a major event whose aim is to spread the Spanish tapas-culture.

The workshops have been called Tapa as Haiku, as they intend to show similarities in terms of brevity and essence between tapas and this type of Japanese poem. Brevity and essence in the fields of design and gastronomy will be the aim of the people running the Workshops to put across.

In the workshop will participate respectively 10-15 Japanese students of design and gastronomy. They will be in charge of making the tapas culture more understandable to their fellow countrymen. The idea of mixing gastronomy and design allows us to exchange and merge creative ideas from different fields, thus fostering the transmission of and the research into the current popularity tapas as a culinary genre is enjoying in Spain.

Programme of the Workshops:

1. DESIGN WORKSHOP led by designer Luis Úrculo. The workshop will be held at the Spanish Embassy in Japan on November 2013, the 12th, 13th and 14th.
2. GASTRONOMY WORKSHOP led by chef Miguel Ángel de la Cruz. The workshop will be held at the Hattori Nutrition College on November 2013, the 13th and 14th
3. FINAL EVENT WITH PRESENTATION OF THE OUTCOMES FROM THE WORKSHOPS at the Spanish Embassy in Japan on November 2013, the 15th.

Luis Úrculo (1978), a designer, trained as an architect, develops his works in an open format of small and indefinite architecture. “I no longer know what architecture is and what an architect should do”. Always interested in all that is peripheral to architecture, the processes, developments and approaches that can be manipulated, sampled and translated into other scales, adapting to the composition of the project, creating new scenes/ experiences / expectations not contemplated previously.

Miguel Ángel de la Cruz (1976) considers himself to be self-taught cook. “The generational coexistence and the restaurant location define my understanding of the kitchen. A kitchen derived from natural landscape where a product is capable of surprising because it is unknown and unusual”.

1. TALLER DE DISEÑO dirigido por Luis Úrculo, diseñador. Este taller se realizará en los espacios de la Embajada de España en Japón los días 12, 13 y 14 de noviembre de 2013.
2. TALLER DE GASTRONOMÍA dirigido por Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, chef. Este taller se realizará en las instalaciones del Hattori Nutrition College los días 13 y 14 de noviembre de 2013.
3. EVENTO FINAL DE PRESENTACIÓN DE LOS RESULTADOS en la Embajada de España en Japón el día 15 de noviembre de 2013.
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Virtual Tour 'Tapas. Spanish Design for Food'

An invitation to discover how the design finds solutions to problems that have been raising in the world of gastronomy. And particularly, how the Spanish culture has brought inventions and ingenious solutions throughout its history. This minisite, based on Tapas app, displays images and videos from an interesting selection of objects in the exhibition.




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