Tapas. Spanish Design for Food

Tapas. Spanish Design for Food

The exhibition sets out to show how design and food have always been interrelated and how the discipline of design has sought solutions to the problems posed by the world of cuisine. In particular, it takes a look at how Spanish culture has come up with ingenious inventions and solutions in this respect throughout its history, playing a prominent role at all times. This association, in addition to bearing fruit from a functional viewpoint, has been equally productive in the world of art, which has drawn inspiration from food to create interesting pieces that range from artistic installations to anthropological discourse.

What is the role design has played in relation to food and cuisine in Spain? The exhibition Tapas. Spanish Design for Food, organized by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), shows through two hundred or so design objects divided into four sections—Kitchen, Table, Food, and Wine—how design, tradition, cuisine, science, the latest trends, art, and innovation have contributed to establishing food habits.

The exhibition invites the visitor to discover how design finds solutions to the problems posed over the years by the world of cuisine. And particularly how Spanish culture has come up with ingenious inventions and solutions throughout history. Not only has this association proved to be fruitful from a functional viewpoint, but the art world has also drawn inspiration from food to produce interesting works that are midway between installation art and the anthropological discourse of a country.

The exhibition also tries to highlight how Spain brings together design, creativity and cuisine as characteristic values. In both raw materials and their preparation, in the theoretical field and in inspired designs, Spain’s food culture crosses boundaries and competes at the highest level worldwide.

Spanish designers, chefs, companies and institutions contribute daily to shaping this culture, which unarguably constitutes a highly valuable intangible asset.

The exhibition is accompanied in each venue by a parallel programme of activities,  meetings between Spanish and local professionals, performances, etc.

Video Tapas Manila

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Video. Juli Capella: ¿What's a Tapa?
Video. Juli Capella: ¿What's a Tapa?

Tapas | Google Arts & Culture

Acción Cultural Española participates in the "Once Upon a Try" project by Google Arts & Culture with the exhibition "Tapas, A Story of Spanish Food Invention", based on the exhibition "Tapas Spanish Design for Food" and offers a rich panorama of Spanish design applied to gastronomy. "Once Upon a Try" is a set of 350 interactive exhibitions that make up the largest online exhibition on inventions and discoveries ever created. Among the proposals, there are collections from 7 Spanish institutions with more than 450 audiovisual elements that incorporate the discoveries with the Spanish stamp onto the platform. The exhibition is completed with the collections of 7 Spanish institutions that have participated in "Once Upon a Try" with more than 450 audiovisual elements, some of them unpublished on the Internet and among which this A /E proposal is included.

Spain: an Open Kitchen

The digital exhibition "Spain: Open kitchen" in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, the Museum of Costume and Acción Cultural Española is the first dedicated to the culinary culture of a country and the most complete on Spanish cuisine on the platform Google Arts & Culture, with more than 2,000 audiovisual elements and more than 60 expert voices that narrate and discover in an entertaining way, in Spanish, English, French and Japanese, the past and future culture of Spanish gastronomy.

Virtual Tour 'Tapas. Spanish Design for Food'

An invitation to discover how the design finds solutions to problems that have been raising in the world of gastronomy. And particularly, how the Spanish culture has brought inventions and ingenious solutions throughout its history. This minisite, based on Tapas app, displays images and videos from an interesting selection of objects in the exhibition.
Tapas. Spanish Design for Food (eBook)

Tapas. Spanish Design for Food (eBook)

  • Type: Exhibition catalogue
A taster menu of Spanish design at the service of fine eating • More than 200 designs of products for the Kitchen, for the Table and for Food • Projects by outstanding designers including: Arola, Azúa, Bankook, Benedito, Bernal, Bregaña, Carulla, Claret, Culdesac, díez+díez, Emiliana, Eslava, GR, Hayón, Huber, Lluscà, Luesma & Vega, Mañosa, Mariscal, Marquina, Moerel, Pensi, Quitllet, Serrano, Tusquets, Úbeda, Urquiola, ... for prestigious restaurants such as: elBulli, El Celler de Can Roca, Mugaritz, Jaleo, Tickets...

Bilingual edition in English and Spanish

Hardcover printed catalogue available. Click here to purchase on line >


Foreword by AC/E “Design in the kitchen” / Ferran Adrià
“Cooking is designing food” / Interview with Ferran Adrià
Tapas. Spanish Design for Food / Juli Capella
The Kitchen
The Table
The Food Restaurant design /> The architecture of wineries
Graphic design for wine
Martí Guixé / “Embedded Drinks”
Antoni Miralda / “Food Photocall”
Epilogue: “Waiters hate designers” / Pau Arenós




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