Spanish pavilion at PQ19, Prague Quadrennial

Spanish pavilion at PQ19, Prague Quadrennial

The set designer Alejandro Andújar designed to present the exhibition "Babel", a series of artistic installations on a poetic, metaphorical and abstract contemporary Tower of Babel, in the Spanish pavilion of the Prague Quadrennial of Stage Design and Scenic Space. AC / E organizes from this initial exhibition, an itinerant exhibition so that a more extensive public can know these contents and will travel during 2019 and 2020.

The 14th PQ, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, was scheduled from 6 to 16 June 2019. It featured a Spanish pavilion organised at the initiative of INAEM in collaboration with RESAD, AC/E, AECID and the Instituto Cervantes, and the curator is stage designer Ángel Martínez Roger.

The stage designer entrusted with designing the Spanish pavilion is Alejandro Andújar, design for PQ19 ‘Babel, an installation based on the spatial concept of the minimalist tradition as an art trend and involves an installation measuring 5 x 5 metres in the shape of a cube crossed by many narrow corridors, which pay tribute to the backstage of a theatre. The corridors contain a world of sounds that reproduce various languages and, as spectators pass, convey a sound-based perception of the huge diversity of the world we live in. Visitors hear these different languages as they walk around and the whole installation thus becomes a contemporary, metaphorical, poetic and abstract Tower of Babel.

Besides the main pavilion, Spain will also be represented by a Students’ Pavilion displaying works by young trainee stage designers with provocative and innovative ideas. This pavilion, entitled ‘Birds (The Fences)’, focuses on the logic of ambiguity, the logic that converts the border into a crossing, the river into a bridge, the door that closes into one that opens. The symbolic border functions as a third party, a place between another two, a game of interactions and ‘inter-views’, and a symbol of exchanges and encounters.

Also on show is an installation by Juan Gómez Cornejo among the sculptures of the Lapidarium museum located in the PQ 2019’s grounds. It pays well-deserved homage to this winner of the National Theatre Prize, a leader in creative stage lighting in Spain. Gómez Cornejo’s career spans several generations of directors and stage designers and he is a unifying thread and unquestionable reference for today’s young professionals.
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